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Loren Fishman, MD


6 Healing Tips for Back Pain

Posted: 05/23/11 09:24 AM ET

Back pain is a common condition that most of us will experience at some point in our lives. Here are a few tips that may relieve the pain.

Use Chairs Correctly
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Depending on how you sit in them, many different types of chairs are good for people whose backs ache. Obviously it's better not to slouch, slip down or lean to one side, even if you feel it relieves the pain.

An upholstered chair with a seat cushion that evenly distributes your weight can help those who may have a herniated disc, piriformis syndrome (pain in the butt) and all types of bursitis. Pressure is minimized in problem areas and the whole body has support. Un-upholstered straight-backed chairs can also bring relief because less support and a flat seat produce improved posture and better self-monitoring of weight distribution, and they let the ischial bones (the "sitting bones") protect the large nerves that travel through the buttocks. Make sure your office chair is adjustable.
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