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Sam Pizzigati

Another Home Run for the Walloping Wealthy

Sam Pizzigati | Posted March 30, 2012

The Los Angeles Dodgers didn’t win all that many baseball games in the eight years owner Frank McCourt signed the team's player paychecks. But McCourt has now won plenty. The mega-rich developer has emerged as the biggest financial winner in the history of professional sports.

On Tuesday, in a special...

Wendy Davis

Why I Joined a Mother's Fight to End Pediatric AIDS

Wendy Davis | Posted March 30, 2012

On the Lifetime drama Army Wives, I play Joan Burton, a woman trying to balance her duties as a colonel in the U.S. Army with her role as a mother and wife. I love playing Joan -- it's an opportunity to explore the reality that thousands...

Edward Goldman

Plunging into Amsterdam's Art World

Edward Goldman | Posted March 30, 2012


Going on a short press trip to Europe is never a walk in the park. It is more like a headfirst plunge into the local art scene: Exploring, tasting, inhaling it 24/7. And that's exactly how it was during my recent visit to Amsterdam.

Joel Sucher

Behind Every 'Distressed Asset' Is a Distressed Human Being

Joel Sucher | Posted March 30, 2012

I'm intrigued by the Orwellian phraseology that megabanking executives and the mortgage industry have coined to describe their work. They trade, for instance, in "distressed assets."

What's a distressed asset? From what I understand, an asset, like a subprime mortgage, is distressed because it fails to churn out the revenue...

Robert Ross

Schools Must Pull Kids in, Not Turn Them Away

Robert Ross | Posted March 30, 2012

In the state of California alone, more than 700,000 school suspensions took place in the 2009-10 school year. A recent study that followed 7th graders through high school graduation in the state of Texas showed that nearly 60% of all students have been suspended from school...

Shirin Sadeghi

The Shahs of Seacrest

Shirin Sadeghi | Posted March 30, 2012

We knew the campaign to start a war with Iran was brutal, but we didn't know how ugly it would get, until now. The warmongers, we've just learned, have hired Ryan Seacrest to close the deal.

There simply cannot be any other explanation for the curious timing and unpleasant...

Jeffrey Abelson

Chain Reaction

Jeffrey Abelson | Posted March 30, 2012

What's the role of art in political consciousness-raising? And when's the last time you really worried about nuclear war?

Views are mixed about the former. But virtually no one shivers about nuclear winter the way we did back in the Cold War era. Which is rather shortsighted, as the Mideast...

Darrin Hurwitz

How NOM Became a Vehicle to Hide Anti-LGBT Donors... And Why That May Be Their Undoing

Darrin Hurwitz | Posted March 30, 2012

The meteoric rise of the National Organization for Marriage, from humble Princeton, N.J. beginnings ($500,000 in revenue in 2007) to the leading national anti-LGBT organization ($9 million in revenue in 2010), has confounded observers and pro-equality activists. How did NOM explode onto the scene so quickly, and why did it...

Chris Dodd

Foreign Markets and the Big Screen

Chris Dodd | Posted March 30, 2012

The motion picture industry, like all major American job creators, is part of a growing and interconnected world economy. But it might be surprising how important foreign movie theater audiences are to the millions of Americans who depend on the motion picture industry for their jobs. What country sells the...

Steve Larosiliere

Pro Snowboarder Travis Rice Mentors Inner City Youth

Steve Larosiliere | Posted March 30, 2012

What happens when Travis Rice, one of the greatest snowboarders of our time, mentors youth from inner city Los Angeles?

A beautiful combination of mentoring, inspiration, fun, and, of course, snowboarding.

On March 25, Travis Rice, essentially the Michael Jordan of snowboarding took time out of his busy schedule to...