02/23/2011 07:00 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Soul Power: A Necessity for Today's Leaders

We all need power. Power is as essential for our health as being able to breathe. In a study run by Michael Marmot of 18,000 British civil servants, it was discovered that people at the bottom of the hierarchy had four times the risk of death as those at the top. Without power, it's virtually impossible to be happy and to create an abundant and joyful existence.

Yet, the solution is not to study harder, network more, or seek another promotion. As a matter of fact, most of those things will cause you more stress, and stress has proven to be another surefire way to die early. While it is true that some stress is good, feeling as if we are waging an un-winnable war is not. So what is the solution?

Let us take a step back and start with how we define power. The traditional way to define power is by using power symbols such as money, status, position, fame and beauty. I call that External Power. Make no mistake. This perspective is very real. It's what our entire society is built on, and almost all of us are caught up being blown like tumbleweed in the desert, being at the mercy of the elements of External Power.

Yet there is another solution, which I call Soul Power. Soul Power makes us immune to the temptations and shortfalls of External Power, and paradoxically, people who operate from Soul Power often achieve the power symbols associated with External Power without even trying.

So what is Soul Power and how can you get more of it?

Unlike External Power that uses force, pushes, cajoles and worries, Soul Power grows in stillness and with focus and is something you build from the inside. Essentially it's about learning how to be cause instead of effect in your life, which, when mastered, means that you control the world from your couch. Yet a word of caution: while the couch sounds sweet, there is a lot of practice, discipline and courage needed, in order to master the art of Soul Power.

You could almost say that in order to operate from your Soul Power, you have to become someone else; your higher self. Just as Luke Skywalker needs to train as a Jedi in order to master "the force," you have to grow as a human being in order to access the higher elements of yourself, which provide the keys to the "kingdom" of Soul Power.

Here's an example of how this works. If you are concerned about your job, not knowing whether you will be laid off, and thereby not knowing whether you can support your family, you are being controlled by External Power. Fear is one of the best killers of Soul Power, and nothing makes you lose energy faster. The way to change that dynamic is to start by centering yourself, for example by using meditation. Meditation is not only a good way to handle stress, but it teaches you how to focus your mind and your energy, which are two components of Soul Power. Operating from Soul Power won't, at first, save you your job, but you will be able to handle the loss with more equanimity. Long-term, however, you will learn how to create your reality from a place of certainty, where you will be seen as an important, and necessary, asset -- a leader -- for your company. From having been at the affect of the forces around you, you are now at the center.

Quickenings, the company I founded 10 years ago, uses a leadership method that I've developed, which combines an ancient seven-leveled growth system, with tools for focus, clearing and charisma. The method starts at the bottom, focusing on your survival needs, and moves up the pyramid to reach your transcendent qualities, where Soul Power comes into full effect and is effortless.

Soul Power is the future, because we've reached a level of maturity in our development, as a nation and as individuals, where we understand and yearn for a deeper understanding of how we can create our reality. We are ready to learn the secrets only the mystics used to have in their hands. Soul Power is a necessity for today's leaders because in a world that's increasingly complex and where what was hot, right or beneficial yesterday, is completely irrelevant today, we need a new relationship with our own power.

Today's leaders need to be able to hold the space for others, stand still and not only be the eye of the storm, but the force that actually makes the storm die down. That is the promise and the future of Soul Power. I invite each and one of you to join me in the process of creating a new leadership and power paradigm!

Lotta Alsén is the CEO & President of Quickenings, a leadership company focused on bringing Soul Power to the world.