No Man's Land...

08/08/2011 10:28 am ET | Updated Oct 08, 2011
  • Louis Licari Beauty expert, Contributing Editor, 'Today Show'

Today is the baby shower for my publicist Leigh Rossini. I am the only man
invited. My instructions are to arrive exactly thirty minutes before the shower
ends. I must admit that I am a bit nervous about entering no man's land. I know
that it might seem odd to hear this from someone in my profession, but working at a hair
salon is similar to being a spectator at a sports competition. By comparison,
going to the actual event is like being a professional athlete. I find myself
having the pre-game jitters.

I walk into the restaurant not knowing what to expect. I speak to the maitre d',
who leads me upstairs where the party is happening. As I pass the bar, I hear the
male wait staff whispering something about the hot girls upstairs. I quietly
laugh to myself.

Walking up the stairs, I hear the buzz of the party. As I look across the room, I
instantly see Leigh standing in the middle of a sea of women. She is walking
around with a tiara on her head, chatting and laughing. The party looks a scene
from Sex and the City. The women are gorgeous, chic and impeccably dressed. The party is filled with writers, producers, TV personalities, friends and family. I know most of them, but I almost don't recognize them. They all look incredibly beautiful, with hair and makeup as close to perfect as one can
imagine. No one looks like she tried hard to get ready, but I know
differently. They are wearing everything from Blahnik to Missoni, mixed with
uber-casual wear and one looks more beautiful than the next. I was caught off
guard. I ask myself why would they get so decked out if it's a party only
for girls? I suddenly realize that women dress for each other as much as they do for men.
I find myself wondering how competitive women are with one another.

My baby shower experience caused me to rethink the psychology of looking good.
Women obviously realize the power of making a good appearance. Women check out
other women. They like having smart-looking and glamorous friends. They share
fashion finds and beauty secrets. I think many of the women attending the party
enjoyed showing a side of themselves they don't or can't by day. It is the
perfect opportunity for the world to look at you from a different point of view.
I know I now think of this crowd as being much more glamorous than before
I walked in the door.