10/27/2008 03:42 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Campaign Funnies: A New George (Clooney) in the White House?

It may have been a wild ride for Barack Obama and John McCain just getting to this last week in the race for the White House, but imagine the bullets Perez Hilton is sweating this morning as he waits to find out whether George Clooney will oust him from his shot at being voted CelebriPresident. in an equally hot and grueling electoral battle happening over at

Sometimes when I can't stand to hear another distracting word about Joe the Plumber, I like to channel my Chicago roots and stop by to vote for The Clooney a half dozen times or so to alleviate my election anxiety. (Don't tell anyone, though, since I'm the contest's Election Commissioner.)

My friend Marc Mitchell, who created the celebrity fantasy league site to help out all those guys whose bitter girlfriends bitch about their fantasy leagues on Sundays, started the NCAA-style mock race after Paris Hilton released her Funny or Die video featuring her alternative energy plan. (Sadly for Paris, she was just knocked out of the running by Christina Aguilera. Not surprising, as we all know she's a "Fighter.") If Paris could make being president look that easy, surely Oprah or Kanye or Ashton Kutcher could provide us with a little change we can believe in.

After a couple weeks of voting, here's a look at who's left in the competition:
George Clooney vs. Perez Hilton
Christina Aguilera vs. Kanye West
Ashton Kutcher vs. Diddy
Jessica Alba vs. Oprah

(If you want to vote, go here.)

Oprah's the natural frontrunner (Sorry, Jessica Alba. I know hot working moms are all the rage this election season; you got a tough draw.), but I wouldn't count out Diddy. Those homemade campaign videos he's been releasing on YouTube just might gain traction with online voters. Of course, in that realm Perez has the edge. Despite backing losing horse HRC in the Democratic primary, his cult following easily puts Obamamaniacs to shame and could bring some major heat.

The winners will be announced Wednesday, Oct. 29, so stay tuned so you can be in the loop when George makes me First Lady.