Adeeb Abu Rahmah Released After 18 Months in Prison

Saturday, December 12, 2010, was a happy day in Bil'in: After one and a half year in prison Abdallah's cousin Adeeb was released from prison. Adeeb was arrested while protesting against the Wall and settlements and has been held in an Israeli military prison since the 10th of July 2009. Adeeb and my husband, Abdallah both faced similar charges: incitement and organizing unarmed demonstrations against the occupation in the village of Bil'in.

Here is a video showing Adeeb's arrest a year and a half ago:

Adeeb is a father of nine, and has not been able to see his wife and eldest daughters since the arrest. His eight year old daugther Falasteen refused to let go of Adeeb's neck, and he was greeted with hugs and kisses from family and friends from the moment he was walking out of the prison gate.

As the gate opened and Adeeb walked out from, he was chanting and singing slogans against the Wall just like before he was arrested. We are all relieved and happy to see that Adeeb is the same as before, in spite of the eighteen months spent in prison. Here is the video showing the moment he was reunited with his beloved ones in Bil'in:

I am hoping and praying that the day will come soon when my husband Abdallah and the thousands of other prisoners of the struggle will be released.