The Navi of Bil'in (Video)

For the last five years our village, Bil'in, has been holding weekly protests against the apartheid wall and settlement built on our land. In Bil'in we fight against the theft of our land with creative nonviolence. From the beginning we've tried to think of a new theme for each demonstration. This week the popular committee decided that the theme would be the movie Avatar because the struggle of the Navi and their connection to their trees is very much like our struggle. For Palestinians, our olive trees are members of our families.

Nonviolent activists dressed like the Navi in the film can be seen in the video. One very tall blue activist from the village, Ahmed, is standing on a rock facing the crowd with the soldiers and the fence cutting through our land behind him. He gave a variation of the speech given by Jake in the film: "With this wall, the occupation has sent us a message, that they can take whatever they want and no one can stop them not even you. But today we are going to send them a message, that they can not take whatever they want, and that this, this is our land."

This message of the Navi is our message.