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Greenwashing Our Cities?

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One problem we face with all our well-meaning legislative efforts is that not all laws get enforced equally. Let's face it, no matter what color you are, areas where poverty exists are last on the list when it comes to enforcing our environmental laws.

One trick to making sure all laws are effective is to reduce poverty. Every sustainability plan must include local job training and placement services for under-employed people. Let's use this blossoming clean, green economy to reduce our carbon emissions and our poverty emissions at the same time. Some of the upfront costs of "going green" are offset by reductions in social-welfare services that good green jobs provide.

Poor people have paid the high price of living with the dirty economy for decades in increased cancer and respiratory disease rates. We owe them -- with interest. Green collar job training for our fellow citizens in need will fix our environment, help our economy, and keep the two in balance for generations. Make sure that Green for All is a part of your local solution at every level.

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