Terrifying Issues We're Bringing Out of the Dark This Halloween

10/31/2013 12:18 pm ET | Updated Dec 31, 2013

Want to hear something really scary this Halloween?

Forget ghouls, witches and vampires - share these frightening facts about extreme poverty on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter and make a real difference this Halloween! Read each caption to find out how to take action.

  • ONE
    No electricity at school means no projectors or presentations in the classroom, no air conditioning or fans, and no night time classes. If you live in the US, sign our petition & help bring energy to 50 million Africans –>
  • ONE
    Here’s the good news: We can virtually eliminate extreme poverty by 2030 if we work together. Sign up to be a ONE member today:
  • ONE
    Make a change and tell world leaders to support The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria – and give HIV+ patients the life-saving drugs they need to live healthy lives: