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Investigating The Superdelegates: Day Two

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Our hunt to track down and interview the Democratic superdelegates intensifies. Yesterday, we called upon readers of the HuffPost to volunteer an hour or two of their time to become citizen journalists and help our OffTheBus project reach and interview all of the DNC appointed delegates that could likely decide the nomination, not to mention a bunch of elected officials.

There's plenty left for you to do, which I'll get to in a moment. But first a progress report:

In the last 24 hours, about 200 of you have signed up to be part of our team and have been assigned one or two delegates each to interview and research. We need to double that figure today.

We've also joined forces with Literary Outpost, OpenLeft, and Democratic Convention Watch as cosponsors of the Superdelegate Transparency Project, which is hosted at Congresspedia. Together with our partners we intend to track the results of the popular vote district-by-district, the allocation of pledged delegates, details about the superdelegates and how they are pledged and eventually how they will vote.

There's two ways you can join directly in this effort. If you're interested in conducting an interview, send an email to with your name, location (state), and phone number, and we'll get you started. We've got a well-worked out plan about how to go about this and we'll guide you right through the whole process. All of our interviews and research will be donated online to the Superdelegate Transparency Project.

Doesn't matter where you are but we're particularly looking for volunteers who live in West Virginia, Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Kentucky, and -- yes - Florida and Michigan! and, all you need is approximately two hours from start to finish to complete an interview.

Or jump on board as a researcher. To find out more about that, check-in anytime today (Thursday) to the Superdelegates Transparency Project's chat room where you can choose your chore and get more info about how the project works. All day today STP's will be conducting an online "barn-raising" in the chat room and it should be a lot of fun to check in.

One way or the other, join us. Be a part of democracy and not just a spectator.