03/25/2011 04:09 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A Canadian Summer: Nothing but Festivals

It is no surprise that Canadians love to get out and play after the Canadian shield freezes them in the winter. I have never been to a country that is so balanced when it comes to work and play. When I was living in Toronto I got a taste of some of the best that Canada has to offer. If you didn't know, Toronto is the world's most diverse city with around 50% of the population not being of Canadian descent. One can say that America is quite multicultural as well but there is a completely different dynamic in Canada, and it shows in their festivals.

Canada has a festival for almost every culture and every topic. The Caribbean influence in Toronto has managed to create the 3rd largest festival in the world, Caribana. People from the world over have hailed in an international event that everyone should visit. The festival organizers actually allow spectators inside of the parade which is much better than just watching.


If large festivals and parades aren't your thing then you should stop by the distinct neighborhoods of Toronto. Nearly every single weekend you can find a complete neighborhood block that is cut off to cars and other passenger traffic. One of my favorite things to do in Canada is to just wander around until you find one of these festivals on the weekend. Canada is even gay friendly and during the gay pride parade the city turns its most popular square, Dundas Square, into a massive bubble bath party for everyone wanting to have a good time.


If you want a taste of culture then head to the Quebec! Torontonians aren't the only ones in Canada like to throw a good festival. Montreal is labeled the city of festivals and they truly honor their name during the summer. The American Paris is home to the ever popular Festival of Laughs and the massive Jazz festival. The Jazz festival as been acclaimed as the place to go for international jazz!

Whether you are looking for something cozy or a party that you will remember forever, Canada in the summer is the place to be. Don't forget that on July 1st Canadians celebrate their independence known as Canada Day. Even the capital, Ottawa, created a new Mosaika event where they project a movie in front of Parliament. I was able to visit the first year they held the event and I can attest to the fact that it is quite a site to see. Next summer make sure to plan your trip to Canada. You won't be disappointed.