8 Super Squash Recipes

11/01/2011 12:33 pm ET | Updated Jan 01, 2012

Broken down into two categories (summer squashes and winter squashes) the most popular squashes and my all-time favorites to cook with are the zucchini, pumpkin, acorn and butternut. While you can find zucchini in markets in most places year-round, allowing you to make everything from breakfast dishes like zucchini and onion frittatas to snacks like zucchini-stuffed crab cakes, the onset of fall marks the beginning of hard squash season.

The pumpkin and cousins acorn and butternut squash are usually inexpensive and easy to cook -- just slice them open (carefully) and place them on a baking sheet in an oven set to 350 degrees with a bit of olive oil drizzled over them for 20-30 minutes or until soft (consult individual recipes for specific instructions). So if you're looking for more uses for that pumpkin besides the usual Halloween carving, here's a list of 8 super squash recipes that I've put together with the help of Food Republic.

What's your favorite squash to cook with?

8 Super Squash Recipes