A Lesson to Learn in Aspen on Returning Home

07/11/2006 05:58 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

After shaking the Rocky Mountain high, it seems normal to be at grownup camp where the major activity is listening and the minor dilemma is deciding whether you want to go to a screening of "Sketches of Frank Gehry,'' produced by Sydney Pollack, best known for "Tootsie'' and "Out of Africa,'' or go hear Katie Couric, late of the "Today'' show, who when asked about her notorious colonoscopy said she's now considering an on-air pap smear as the first woman anchor of the CBS Evening News. Should I work on my soul with Bishop T.D. Jakes, lower my cholesterol with Dr. Dean Ornish, see how former CBS newsman Bob Schieffer is going to handle retirement or find out how TV producer Jay Sandrich earned so many Emmies, including a fistful of them for "The Cosby Show.''

A lot of the featured speakers could be heard without traipsing to Colorado. But it's worth the detour for the variety of subjects treated (spiritual, religious and physical well-being as well as world affairs) and the chance to see people operate outside their normal environment.

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