PC or Vile Lout -- Which Is Worse?

05/25/2011 11:55 am ET

Anyone will do anything for advantage these days, witness Sen. George Allen and macaca to Mel Gibson and his hatred of Jews to CBS introducing a race war into the plot of Survivor. ."How can anyone be so desperate for ratings?" a New York city councilman asked .

It was heartening to see GM cancel its advertising on the show until they announced that they did it only because it's hard to weave a luxury car into the storyline of castaways stranded on an island. Commerce not civility rules.

So come Sept. 14, those marooned will be segregated into ethnic groups: white will be pitted against black, black will be pitted against Asian, Asian will be pitted against Latino. In case you think I'm exaggerating, a nail salon manager has already been slotted for the Asian group.

There is hope that we aren't going the way of ``Survivor.'' Young resigned from his Wal-Mart post. And there are signs of weakness in the ratings of some cable shout shows.

Even movie stars, usually immune from criticism and accountability, are being called on their offensive behavior.

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