10/05/2010 03:38 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Let's Fight Hunger Together

The most recent food security report from the USDA depicts hunger as a challenge so significant that it can only be solved if government, corporations and community organizations work together. And with many families struggling in this difficult economy, we see an opportunity and a responsibility as the country's largest grocer to apply our unique business strengths to address the growing problem of hunger.

We're committed to providing long-term solutions in the hope of reaching a day where no one in America has to go hungry. Through our Foundation and our company efforts, we have committed $2 billion to hunger relief through 2015. Why? Because we feel no one should have to go to bed hungry or wake up wondering where they will get their next meal.

At Walmart, we're using our business strengths--expertise in transportation, logistics and operations--to ensure food banks are operating in a way that will give them positive returns. For example, our distribution associates have audited local food banks to show the facilities how to rack and store food more effectively, giving the food banks more capacity and space in their crowded operations. We've also given more than 100 refrigerated trucks to food banks--helping them transport fresh, nutritious food safely from our store shelves to families in need.

We hope you'll think about your expertise as well and how you could lend a hand to help hunger in America. Are you computer savvy? Are you a writer or in marketing? Think about taking those skills and helping the hunger nonprofits in your community--they are serving more people and could use your help.

We've met with the people fighting on the front lines to end hunger--food bank employees and directors--and we know the need is great. There is no better time for Americans to band together around an issue that can be solved--feeding our children, seniors and families who are going hungry.

At Walmart, we ask ourselves daily how we can be strategic and do more. And we're asking our customers to do the same. Through our website,, our customers, associates and neighbors can find ways to volunteer and learn more about how to help. We're calling on you to help and we're holding ourselves accountable to do the same. Together we can solve the issue of hunger.


Margaret McKenna
President, Walmart Foundation