04/08/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Rock Radio's Love Psychic to Meghan McCain: Creating Dating Drama Perpetuates The Drama

Hi Meghan, it's me, Psychic Margaret Ruth, The Love Psychic on KXRK Radio From Hell (check in with us, "Margaret Ruth and The Painful Circle," Fridays10:15 EST/7:15 PST I read your sad story about your love life and knew, 'cause I am psychic, that you would want the mystic's viewpoint on your problems.

You are a fun writer Meghan. But, do you realize that making your love life into an ongoing drama, such as writing about it in public domains like The Daily Beast, and thus launching it into ether-consciousness (in other words: the Internets), precludes having a solid, healthy love relationship in the near future? You are too smart not to realize this at some level, but I wanted to carefully remind you of what you are doing to yourself by indulging in Dating Drama.

There are three issues here. The first is that from one point of view there isn't anything odd about your current dating experiences; everything happening is normal for your age group and situation -- so there is nothing wrong. Two is that feeding high negative drama by giving it lots of time, emotion and attention keeps it going and growing. Three is how to get out of drama -- if there is any incentive for that at all.

Move Along Now! There is Nothing to See Here!

Meghan claimed that her dating life is now impossible. There is actually nothing illogical happening in your dating life Meghan. What is happening to you is perfectly understandable for the circumstances: you are young age and you have a famous family.

You are young and you are dating fairly insecure people. We all know this is a pretty normal occurrence. So, while dating insecure and not fully mature people is tricky and problematic, it is not surprising or cause for alarm.

The unique thing here is dating when you are a celebrity. I've never heard anyone famous say this was easy. So, the fact that it is hard to know how people really feel about you under these circumstances should not be too earth shatteringly shocking either.

However, it is a more interesting media event if Meghan's Love Life is Ruined from Being a Daughter of John McCain!

"Shocker! Drama Queen Feeds The Media Beast and Beast keeps Growing"

Creating drama in your life usually involves focusing on the very high points and the very low points. There is a problem with focusing on the low because we tend to get what we focus on. Being a drama queen is entertaining to the rest of us, but it keeps you from being the healthy person you need to be in order to have healthy relationships and it keeps the focus on negative events and all of this perpetuates dating problems.

When we answer radio callers' love and relationship questions on air, there is a certain amount of showmanship and angst development for entertainment purposes obviously. However, if a caller is sincerely interested in having meaningful, healthy relationships, the best advice I can give her is to invest in becoming healthy and happy individual first, then the great relationship results flow in naturally. This is the far better focus for someone who wants better relationships than remaining in the drama of it all.

You see this, don't you?

Point Three - Unraveling from the Angst

There is not much incentive to avoid being in dating drama when it provides so much entertainment for everyone concerned. But here are a couple of thoughts on how you can look forward to more fun, more fulfilling dating experiences.
• You could choose to get out of angst about everything and view it all from a more healthy perspective (see point one above).
• You could choose to focus on the positive or high points of your experiences and this helps perpetuate good things happening.
• You could get happy about being a beautiful, talented woman with lots of romance still to come and decide that, until you meet the man you are going to keep forever, you cannot keep them all. That is only OK in Utah.

Ok. It is not actually OK here in Utah to keep all your old flames around you in perpetuity. It is unappreciated by the new boy or girl friend. Even here.

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