12/07/2012 06:19 pm ET Updated Feb 06, 2013

Why Aren't You Watching 'Kicking Dan Out'?

You're taking the elevator down for lunch in your office building (let's just say you have a job) and the door opens. And because you were staring at your phone the whole time, you just start to walk out on instinct, but as you pass through the elevator frame, you realize you're not at the lobby level yet. Then, you have to embarrassingly waltz back in before the doors close and stand amongst professional strangers in an idiot's shame. Why did that happen to you? Don't worry. That has a simple answer: it's because you don't watch hilarious web series on the Internet. How do those two seemingly unconnected things correlate? That's actually not really any of your business, now is it? You're best off just catching up on some good webisodes and ordering that vanilla chai latte on the half calf. So, whilst doing that, I recommend the highly enjoyable and highly viewable "Kicking Dan Out" series on "MyDamnChannel" on the Youtube(s).

"Kicking Dan Out" is a sharply written, charming account of a veritable loser named Dan, played by the brilliant stand up comic and writer/creator of the series, Dan St. Germain (See his stand up here), who excels at handling all things poorly. In each episode, Dan is, you guessed it, being kicked out of something: whether it's an apartment, a club, a religion, just to name a few, and it is good. But don't believe my humble (yet completely accurate) words about it, see it for yourself here. The pilot for this series also features the hilarious styling of Christian Finnegan, Natalie Hegg and Jordan Carlos. Enjoy!