02/05/2012 10:39 pm ET | Updated Oct 24, 2014

10 Signs Your Kid Is Too Busy

We've all heard about the signs to look out for if your kid is using drugs -- the glassy eyes, spending less time with friends and family, apathy towards everything -- but what if the culprit isn't pills but programming -- too much of it?

The epidemic of overly-scheduled kids has caught the attention of educators, doctors and child psychologists over the past few decades. And not surprisingly, overscheduling kids leads to the same stress-related health and psychological problems that overscheduled adults experience. According to research, most kids who are overscheduled have parents from an educated, higher income bracket -- and they tend to be girls.

There's a middle ground, though, between back-to-back dance classes, soccer games, band practice and church group, and the other extreme: undirected hours of unfulfilling TV watching and phone talking.

How do you know if your kid is too busy? Watch for these signs: