07/14/2010 11:24 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

10 Fabulous Finds in Maine

This year I found lots of amazing things in Maine that you might want to know about--from stuff to buy to stuff to eat to places to go. My kids go to summer camp there, but there are lots of reasons to travel to Maine in the summer (especially since it's nice and cool!). We always come home loaded with good stuff and great ideas. This year's "home base" was at the Camden Harbor Inn. I highly recommend it and got an amazing massage from a woman named Bridget, who told me about number #8 on this list.

#1: All-natural citronella candles made from recycled wax, in recycled cans from I bought ours in one of those gift shops on Freeport's Main Street (between Bow and Mechanic Streets), and they were only $13 each. Very heavy to carry, however, so unless you are driving, it's better to order them from the website and have them shipped. (Though I didn't see them on the website, I'm sure you can email the company and ask for them.)

# 2: Pickled fiddleheads, from Spruce Bush Farm in Jefferson, Maine. I bought them at a local farm stand outside of Freeport (see #3). They are absolutely, fabulously delicious!

# 3: Wheaton Farms farm stand. I found out about this farm at the Freeport farmer's market (Fridays from 3 to 7). But I ended up driving a mile or two out of town to see their whole stand. I came back with really cool T-shirts, pickled fiddleheads, interesting plants for my garden, and the freshest, most eye-popping red strawberries I've ever seen.

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