08/30/2013 11:27 am ET | Updated Oct 16, 2013

14 Days of Summer, a Meditation: Day 13


Gathering: Connection

Maybe it's an outdoor concert, a festival, a picnic, or all three. But summer is a time when people gather. They might be friends and family or they might be strangers, but it's hard to go through a summer without some kind of gathering. Even if you are strangers, there is something that brought you together, a mutual love or desire.

Try to imagine that you are all one. That each person is just a different part of yourself. Try to feel the connection instead of the differences. How would we all be different if we knew just how connected we were? Start with yourself. Smile at yourself. Smile at everyone else. Say hello to the universe as it walks by. It's all a wonderful part of you.

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