12/14/2010 10:39 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Body Oil Giveaway: To Replenish Inside and Out

By guest blogger Joshua Onysko, CEO and founder of Pangea Organics.

Winter means a lot of different things to many of us: skiing, the holidays, shoveling, family gatherings...but many of us have one thing in common: dry skin, the winter itch. That dry skin is more prevalent in the winter months usually can be attributed to the drop in relative humidity caused by cold winter air, and time spent in indoor heating systems that deplete moisture from the air.

What can we do to preserve the skin's healthy balance? Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are one of the best ways to combat the effects of the winter months, for many reasons. Many people are deficient in omega-3s and omega-6s (essential fatty acids), mainly because of how processed the foods we eat are. We need to utilize the healing and restorative properties of EFAs both internally and externally.

When it comes to good sources of EFAs, I choose hemp oil. It offers nature's perfect balance of omega-3s and -6s and is very easy for the body to absorb (it has good bioavailability). Because the skin is our largest organ and absorbs up to 80 percent of what we put on it, it helps to use skin and hair products containing EFAs as well. The body uses EFAs to help the skin build a barrier, which, in turn, helps to keep the body's moisture where it should be. A good rule of thumb is one tablespoon of hemp oil taken orally for every 100 pounds of body weight, once a day. I use Manitoba Harvest. It's always the freshest, and you can find it at most health food stores.

Another good reason to be sure to get enough EFAs? Lack of omega-3s has been linked to high triglycerides, high blood pressure, sticky platelets, tissue inflammation, edema, dry skin, mental deterioration, low metabolic rate, and some kinds of immune dysfunction. Lack of omega-6s has been linked to eczema-like skin eruptions, loss of hair, liver degeneration, behavioral disturbances, kidney degeneration, excessive water loss through the skin accompanied by thirst, drying up of glands, susceptibility to infections, failure of wound healing, sterility in males, miscarriage in females, arthritis-like conditions, and heart and circulatory problems.

There's another secret to perfect skin in the winter: Pangea's body oils. We developed our body oils to be used differently than most. We recommend drawing a hot bath, coating your body in Pangea oil, and slipping into the tub. As the warm water opens your pores, it allows the skin to absorb the oil at a deeper level, when you get will think you just went to heaven.

Enjoy the winter!

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