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How to Make the Perfect Lobster Roll at Home

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We've been going to Maine for 20 years to drop kids off at camp, and each time we have eaten lobster rolls, which are a uniquely Maine delicacy. There seem to be two clear, constant winners of the best lobster roll contest in Maine: the Clam Shack, in Kennebunkport, and Red's Eats, in Wiscasset. Both are amazing. And I have discovered that their secret is in the simplicity of their approach. Simple means lobster, bun, and melted butter.

Simple is not "lobster salad" with mayonnaise, chopped celery and scallions, and herbs. The best lobster rolls are not in any way gourmet, or served in any sort of fancy place -- they are best eaten and served close to the water, ordered from a counter, and eaten either standing up or sitting on some plastic chairs -- or a splintery wooden bench.

Of course, sometimes you need a lobster roll when you are not in Maine, and you are not near the water, and you just have to have one -- that's where this recipe comes in, honed from years of experience eating lobster rolls. This past trip to Maine, in fact, for some crazy reason I did NOT get enough lobster, so when we came home I bought frozen lobster in the supermarket and made this recipe to test it out. It worked.

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