07/13/2012 08:19 am ET | Updated Sep 12, 2012

Fight The 'I'm Not Good Enough' Fear (VIDEO)

Doing new things can be scary.

When you're entering the unknown in any area of your life, it often triggers an avalanche of self-doubt. Your mind may say you're too old, too young, not experienced enough, not intelligent enough, or not sophisticated enough to make it.

If you unpack that series of doubtful thoughts, they all boil down to the same fear: "I'm not good enough."

Do these kinds of thoughts ever stop you? If so, I think you're going to love this video, because you'll learn an effective strategy to cure the "I'm not good enough" fear once and for all.

Don't let the simplicity of this advice fool you. Training yourself to come back to the moment and re-engage in the task at hand is the secret to breaking the self-doubt pattern once and for all.

Since the "I'm not good enough" fear is something every human being deals with at some point or another, I'd love to hear about your experience with this one.

Do you have a specific practice to move past self-doubt or a strategy that helps you stay engaged in the moment and out of your head? Tell me your most effective tip in the comments below.



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