03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Cyber-Deported! My Personal Tragic True Story of Being Rejected by the Tancredo Campaign

I believe that Tom Tancredo should be the Republican nominee for the Governor of Colorado. I hold this belief sincerely.

Tancredo is the most anti-immigrant GOP top gun in the country. While the GOP House majority speechafies against immigrants Tancredo plans! While Dobbs bloviates Tancredo acts! While Beck draws on blackboards Tancredo fingerpaints hate on the very souls of immigrant bashers everywhere! Tancredo is the hater's hater! That is why we as Democrats need him to receive the GOP nod in Colorado.

Democrats need a man that can inspire Latinos and other independents to come to the polls and vote for Democrats -- Tancredo is that man! Dems have a habit of short-changing efforts for Latino outreach and Tancredo can inspire Latino voters on his own dime. The cost free voter inspiration that the former congressman offers makes Tancredo the fiscally responsible choice!

Now the tough part: I must say that I was shocked, hurt, and disappointed when I was kicked out of the "Draft Tom Tancredo for Governor" Facebook page! You can find the group here: Draft Tom Tancredo for Governor. Especially since my team and I had just spearheaded a membership drive for the page that caused hundreds of my shows listeners to join the draft Tancredo effort. I have heard sadly that in an act that can only be described as a mass "cyber-deportation" many of my listeners have been booted from the page as well. I now know why Beck cries -- it's the hurt.

Now a note to the "Big Tank" himself: Congressman Tancredo, I hope that my ouster from your Facebook page and the ouster of many of my shows listeners was just a mistake by your staff. In fact it could be the type of mistake that can be corrected by denying any knowledge and firing a lower-level intern (wink).

Mr. Tancredo, you need a big tent to win this nomination, and we at the Mario Solis-Marich Show stand ready to help put up that tent (hopefully you still have the instructions on how the poles work) and fill it. I promise I, with the help of my team and our listeners, can fill your big tent with people that are extremely enthusiastic about making sure that you are the GOP standard bearer going into the 2010 election. Please advise.

Your fully documented servant,

Mario Solis-Marich is a radio talk show host who can be heard on AM 760 in Denver and world wide at You can find Mario on Facebook.