02/25/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Big Love Wife Watch!: Round Two (Spoiler Alert!)

Welcome back to Wife Watch!, the only blog post that names the most powerful wife of the week on Big Love. (Last night's episode is reviewed here.)

In last week's season-opening smackdown, Nicky came out on top. She's still a strong contender, since we learned she's popping secret birth control in order to be "more wife" and "less mother" around Bill. Plus, she had that amazing moment where she judged Ana for getting free refills at a fast food restaurant. Honestly, Chloe Sevigny is so fussily domineering in this role that I'm tempted to make Nicky the winner every week...

... except my girl ceded some power when she let Barb sneak up on her with that "we've planned your visit to the fertility clinic" thing. Nicky should've seen that coming.

And speaking of Barb... well, I'm glad she doesn't have cancer. It will be interesting to see what happens now that her attention is back on the "I don't want a fourth wife" idea. Let's keep our eyes on her!

In last week's comments section, almost everyone supported Margene, but she seemed to be sabotaging herself this week. Giving up her obviously vital role in Weber gaming? Rolling over to play "Mommy" for no apparent reason? What's her damage? That kind of inconsistency gets her kicked right off the top of the heap. (Maybe she'd better contact the writer's room. A little sweet talk about their prejudice ought to get her a juicy storyline or two.)

But anyway, this week's First Wife clearly lives outside the Henrickson homes. You could make a case for Rhonda, who's denim-draped specter hangs over Roman, Sarah, and half the Lost Boys. When she actually shows up (next week!) there will be all kinds of hell to pay.

Until Rhonda comes back, though, the crown clearly belongs to Lois. Even when Frank was about to kill her, she didn't look scared: She just glared at him and choked out demands that he finish the job. (Cheers to Grace Zabriskie for conjuring that ice-melting glare.)

And when she got an unexpected assist from another woman's frying pan? Lois didn't sit around wheezing. No sir. She barked orders until the next thing we knew, Frank was tied up and gagged in her living room.

Fearless in the face of death, and cool-headed as she stares at her attacker's helpless body: That's power, y'all. That's First Wife material.

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