05/17/2008 08:16 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

AAPOR 2008: Jeff Jones on Gallup's Cell Phone Interviews

Yet another in series of brief interviews conducted at this week's AAPOR Conference, this one with Jeff Jones, managing editor of the Gallup Poll. Jones presented findings on the interviews Gallup has conducted by cell phone with Americans living in households with non landline phone service to supplement national surveys and polls conducted in four primary states.

Starting just after 2:00 on the video, Jones discusses the impact of those additional interviews on the general election matchups between the two Democratic contenders and John McCain. While the inclusion of cell phone only households makes little difference in the Clinton-McCain contest, it benefits Obama by a net four points: Without cell phone interviews, and weighted using Gallup's usual likely voter model, McCain would get 49% to Obama's 46% (clarification: this result combines six Gallup/USAToday surveys conducted so far during 2008). With the cell-phone interviews included, the result is Obama 48%, McCain 47%.

And don't miss the cameo appearance by ABC polling director Gary Langer.