April Fools "Outliers"*

04/01/2009 03:23 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011
  • Mark Blumenthal Mark Blumenthal is the Head of Election Polling at SurveyMonkey.

*Guarantee: Only one link to a lame April Fools gag. It shouldn't be hard to spot:

David Hill praises the AAPOR NH/primary polling report.

Eric Kleefeld asks Scott Rasmussen to explain a poll question about a threat that doesn't exist; Steve Benen has more.

Greg Sargent finds something nice Republicans will say about Obama.

Gary Langer reminds that Americans were ready to throw Wagoner under the bus.

Jennifer Agiesta explores Michelle Obama's formidable favorables.

Chris Cillizza parses recent polls on the role of government.

Matt Gottleib reviews the Hotline-Diageo results on rebounding optimism.

Nate Silver assesses how presidential approval ratings predict off-year election results.

Democrats hint at a "model" of absentee voting patterns in NY-20.

Andrew Gelman calculates the odds of a tied U.S. House race.

Mark Mellman likes the Republican leadership but (re: NY-20) forgets Al Gore's "little known third category."

We ask: is Domenico Montanaro the new Nate Silver?

Lori Weigel reveals some true polling baloney.

Lee Sigelman shares results from the government's massive survey asking the federal workforce to rate their own agencies.

Sarah Palin's PAC denies polling in Iowa and New Hampshire; Geoffrey Dunn finds the real sponsor.

The Boston Public Health Commission conducts an "informal poll" of Boston teens on dating violence, Rihanna and Chris Brown (via Boston Globe via Patrick Sauer).

The New York Times sweeps the Malofiej infographic awards (via @alexlundry). contributor Kristen Soltis debuts the The Right Idea, a video podcast from the Winston Group.