Double Video "Outliers"

06/16/2009 04:17 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Stan Greenberg revisits his 1993 health care polling and finds little has changed.

Josh Tucker shares lessons on Iran from his research on the "Colored Revolutions" (see also "Things to Watch" on MonkeyCage).

Renard Sexton reviews whether an Iran recount would address reported irregularities.

John Sides considers the origins of electoral fraud.

Nate Silver looks at the Terror Free Tomorrow/New America Foundation poll; as does Chris Bowers.

Gallup finds "conservatives" are a plurality, draws commentary from Kathryn Jean Lopez, Pete Wehner, Right Wing News (on the Right) Steve Benen and Ed Kilgore (on the Left).

Joe Lenski says Deeds win is a classic outcome in a 3-way primary.

Steve Singiser reviews the polling early line on 2009.

Tom Jensen compares divergent Wisconsin polls, Wisconsin Democrats bash PPP's automated polls.

Americans United for Change creates a cable ad touting a Diageo/Hotline poll result.

DemFromCT shares a health care survey conducted by the Employee Benefits Research Institute.

Businessweek publishes Edward Tufte's slideshow (via Lundry)

The Daily Show reports the fake Iranian exit poll results (worth the click for the "Soccer Imams" reference alone):

And the BBC comedy, Yes, Prime Minister explains how pollsters get the results they want (via @randomsubu):