Gallup's Crosstab Trove

07/31/2008 09:59 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Not sure how we missed this, but Gallup has put up detailed demographic cross-tabulations based on the Gallup Daily tracking (that's the survey showing a four point lead for Barack Obama as of yesterday, not the USA Today Gallup poll that applied the "likely voter" screen and has been a source of controversy this week).

Here are descriptions and links just received via email from Gallup:

Gallup now has available online extensive data breaking out support for the presidential candidates within demographic, partisan, ideological, and regional subgroups.

The data are updated each Wednesday -- based on more than 6000 Gallup Poll Daily interviews conducted each week – and available here: Importantly, the analyses can now be trended back through the week of June 9-15, showing the pattern of support within subgroup across time.