10/13/2008 07:52 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Morning Status Report for 10/13

Sunday was, as usual. a light day for new poll releases other than the national daily tracking polls. Since our last update Saturday afternoon, the only new statewide polls we had logged in battleground states were new surveys from PPP in Colorado and the new University of Cincinnati poll sponsored by a consortium of Ohio newspapers. The two news polls are counter trend in opposite directions. new Colorado poll shows a bigger Obama margin than other recent polls, while the Ohio surveys shows McCain with a two point advantage.

2008-10-13 Daily.jpg

The national daily tracking polls do, for the most part, show slight shifts back to Obama since the middle of last week, although Obama's margin on our national trend estimate as of this writing is almost exactly where it was this time last week.

2008-10-13 trends.jpg