06/19/2007 05:51 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

New: Charts and Table for Early Presidential Primary States

Today we launch pages on displaying charts and
tables of public polling data (and links) for the Democratic and Republican
contests in five early presidential primary states. For those who can't wait to
dive right in, here are the links:

Each page has the same elements (and we will be rolling out
equivalent versions for the national trial-heat data very soon). Here is a
quick guided tour:

At the top of each page you will find a chart showing the "top contenders" (roughly 4-5 candidates in each
state). You can see a larger size pop-up version by clicking on the chart. Clicking
the "2007 data only" link just below the chart will bring up a large-size
version showing more recent data.

Just below the chart is a table listing each of the individual polls charted in each state. The
entry for each poll listed includes a link to the original source (if
available), the survey dates, sample size and the percentages for the top

Since both races feature more candidates than we could fit
into a legible table on our main page, we have also created similar tables in a
suitable-for-printing PDF format
that includes the data for all active and
potential candidates
included on each poll. Just click the link ("download
printable PDF") below each table.

Finally, each page also includes a set of "small multiple" charts -- a graphic that
features an identically formatted set of trend charts, with one chart for each candidate.
Note that the number in parenthesis in the title of each small chart displays
the current estimate of support for the candidates.

The trend lines are Charles Franklin's regression-based estimators, he explains those more detail here.

Finally, a special note: These charts are a work in
progress. In many ways they serve as a prototype for what we are hoping to introduce
over the next six months. So we would very much like to hear your feedback on
what you like, what you don't, what needs improvement and what you would like
to be able to see or do with the data that you cannot. So please email us with
your thoughts, comments and suggestions.