New Contributors

07/23/2008 04:48 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Yesterday, I explained some of the changes to the structure of Today I want to tell you more about some of the new names that we have added to our menu of regular contributors.

The first two should be familiar. Democratic pollster Margie Omero has been a regular contributor since her first "guest pollster" item here last November. She has been understandably busy conducting surveys for her clients in recent months, but we look forward to her continuing presence here.

David W. Moore has been contributing items more recently. You may recognize Moore as a former Managing Editor of the Gallup Poll or as an author of several books on polling and pollsters. His latest book, The Opinion Makers, is forthcoming in September. His posts here will also appear on his blog, Skeptical Pollster.

Two names are new to our site but not to true political junkies. We are very pleased to add Republican pollster Steve Lombardo, the president and CEO of Lombardo Consulting, as a regular contributor. His weekly email update, the LCG Election Monitor, is well known to political journalists and insiders as a source of straight-shooting analysis of political poll trends. Starting today, the LCG monitor will also be published every week right here on

Finally, regular Pollster readers will probably recognize Brian Schaffner, professor of political science at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, from my regular links to his posts on the CCPS blog earlier this year. While his day job does not allow for the sort of daily blogging he managed this spring, we look forward to once or twice a month contributions from him here.

And finally, speaking of academics with day jobs,'s co-creator Charles Franklin continues to be an integral part of this site. He has been busy this summer doing the work the University of Wisconsin pays him to do, but his regular contributions should return soon.

As you may have noticed already, the name of each now appears in the "Analysis" menu at the top of every page. Choose a name from the menu to see only the posts from that person. We have also created RSS feeds specific to each contributor that are available here.