01/23/2008 02:13 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

New Hampshire Polling Snafu: Bibliography

With his column in The Hill this week, Democratic pollster Mark Mellman becomes the latest pollster to weigh in on the various theories behind the polling kerfuffle in New Hampshire two weeks ago. Since I neglected to link to some or mentioned others only in passing, I thought it would be worthwhile to post a collection of links to everything I have collected on the subject. Going forward, this entry wills serve as a "frequently asked questions" (FAQ) page for the New Hampshire polling controversy.

For now, here are the links. If you know of an analysis worth including that I have overlooked (or if one of these links is broken), please email us (questions at pollster dot com).

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New Hampshire: So What Happened?

A Lesson from 1948

What About Monday Night?

More Clues: The CBS Panel Survey

The New Hampshire Recount

Charles Franklin

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Analysis and by Pollsters and Other Notables

Marc Ambinder, The Atlantic

What Happened To The Polls? The ZbornakEffect?

Jon Cohen, polling director, The Washington Post

About Those Democratic Pre-election Polls

What if the Polls Were Right?

Robert Erikson and Chris Wlezian

Likely Voter Screens and the Clinton Surprise in New Hampshire

Kathy Frankovic, director of surveys, CBS News

NH Polls: What Went Wrong

Gender and Race in the Democratic Primary

John Judis, senior editor, The New Republic

Poll Potheads

Response to Kohut

Mickey Kaus, Slate

Hillary Stuns -- Four Theories

Andrew Kohut, president, Pew Research Center

Getting it Wrong

Response to Judis

Gary Langer, polling director, ABC News

New Hampshire's Polling Fiasco

The New Hampshire Polls: What We Know

Why Pollsters Got it Wrong (Video)

Joe Lenski, Edison Media Research

More on the New Hampshire Turnout, And Its Implications

Nancy Mathiowetz, president, American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR)

Pre-Election Polling in New Hampshire: What Went Wrong?

Allan McCutcheon

Who Were New Hampshire's Likely Democratic Primary Voters

Mark Mellman, president, The Mellman Group (D)

N.H. Many Theories, Little Data

John Nichols, The Nation

Did "The Bradley Effect" Beat Obama in New Hampshire?

Frank Newport, editor-in-chief, Gallup

Putting the New Hampshire Polls Under the Microscope

More on New Hampshire

Scott Rasmussen, president, Rasmussen Reports

What Happened to the Polls in New Hampshire

John Sides

Should We Blame Secretly Prejudiced New Hampshire Voters for Obama's Loss?

The New Hampshire Polls, One More Time

John Zogby, president, Zogby International

Polling the New Hampshire Primaries: What Happened?

Prior Research on Bradley/Wilder and Interviewer Effects

Finkel, Guterbock and Borg, Race-of-Interviewer Effects in a Preelection Poll: Virginia 1989 (via AAPOR)

Hugick, Polling in Biracial Elections

Hugick and Zeglarski, Polls During the Past Decade in Biracial Election Contests

Keeter and Samaranayake (Pew Research Center), Can You Trust What Polls Say about Obama's Electoral Prospects?

Pew Research Center, Race and Reluctant Respondents

Traugott and Price, A Review: Exit Polls in the 1989 Virginia Gubernatorial Race: Where Did They Go Wrong? (via AAPOR)

Streb et. al, Social Desirability Effects and Support for a Female American President (via AAPOR)

AAPOR Ad-Hoc Committee

AAPOR FAQ on New Hampshire Polling: What Went Wrong

AAPOR Announces Ad-Hoc Committee to Evaluate New Hampshire Polls

Stolen Vote?

Mark Blumenthal - The New Hampshire Recount

Jennifer Agiesta and Jon Cohen, Washington Post - The Method or the Map

DailyKos Diarist DHinMI - Enough with the "Diebold Hacked the NH Primary" Lunacy

Brad Friedman, BradBlog

NH Primary: Pre-Election Polls Wildly Different Than Announced Results for Clinton/Obama

New Hampshire's Chain of Custody

Farhad Manjoo, Salon - Was the New Hampshire Vote Stolen?

Josh Marshall - Enough

New Hampshire Secretary of State - Recount Results


Sharon Brogan - I Have This to Say About That

Don't those pollsters know

that married women

lie in the presence

of their husbands?