07/25/2009 09:02 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011


Ron Brownstein digs deep into the Allstate/National Journal Heartland poll; more from Will Englund and Jennifer Skalka

The Pew Global Attitudes project launches an interactive database of attitude trends in 55 countries.

Barack Obama explains dropping poll numbers.

Gary Langer reviews the data on experience with racial discrimination.

Jennifer Agiesta notes Obama's high marks as commander-in-chief.

Chris Cillzza focuses on Palin's conservative Republican favorable rating.

Mike Huckabee notes that he's leading Palin.

Mark Mellman finds consistent support for the public health paln.

Gary Andres sees Republicans improving their numbers on health care.

Jim Hobart and Glen Bolger says voters are wary of Obama's spending.

Paul Mirengoff ponders Obama's Rasmussen approval at 49%.

Tom Jensen says Obama is mostly losing support among moderate Republicans, but not his base.

Jonathan Singer sees a leveling off of Obama's favorable among independents.

The Pew Research Center profiles Generation Next.

Peter Orzag announces breaking the 100k mark; Nancy Scola quibbles.

Research Rants likes exclamation points! A lot!