07/03/2008 06:14 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Two Weeks Worth of "Outliers!"

Desmoinesdem has some surprising advice for partisans on the receiving end of message testing polls they find offensive: don't hang up.

Kathy Frankovic ponders the potential for a perceived patriotism gap between McCain and Obama and reviews the problems that early voting creates for pollsters.

Frank Newport considers the value of pre-election polls in June, and lists five things you might not know about the election.

Gary Langer reviews misconceptions about the Hispanic vote.

Jennifer Agiesta reviews the Post/ABC numbers on McCain, Obama and Supreme Court appointments.

Kyle Dropp looks at public opinion on immigration.

Tom Schaller doubts Barack Obama can win in the South.

Nate Silver disagrees. offers yet another election projection web site.

DemFromCt asks why the networks can't read polls.

Jay Cost considers Barack Obama's media buy strategy and his decision to forgo public funding.

David Hill doubts Barack Obama will convert GOP and independent youth and questions whether evangelical Christians will desert the Republicans.

Mark Mellman ponders what angers gun owners most, and addresses the "myth" that gay marriage initiatives determined the outcome of the 2004 election.

Jonathan Stein scores the Obama spreadsheet (via Bialik).

From last week, reviews on reaction to the Supreme Court's gun ownership decision from Jon Cohen, Gary Langer and Frank Newport,

And PPP polls the all-important topic of Andy Griffith and how his character might vote in 2008.

With that, we bid you a Happy 4th!

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