11/03/2006 01:54 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Updates - TN Moves to Lean Republican

Our most recent update changed some of our designations.  Good news for Republicans In Tennessee:  Rasmussen's latest shows Republican Corker leading Democrat Ford by eight points (53% to 45%48%) and moves Tennessee to the "lean" Republican status.  As the chart shows (though you may need to click it and choose the "since October 15" view to see the recent trend) the new result confirms similar findings earlier in the week from Reuters/Zogby and CNN/ORC

On the other hand, hopeful news for Democrats in Arizona, where a new Arizona Daily Star poll helps narrow our last five poll margin enough to move the state from strong to "lean" Republican. 

Finallly, a new survey in Idaho's 1st Congressional District  -- only the third released there to date -- shifts our designation of that District from lean Republican to toss-up. 

I will have more on our House classifications -- lots more -- late today.