06/09/2009 03:35 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Virginia (and Other) "Outliers"

Tom Jensen takes a stab at predicting the Virginia outcome at specific turnout levels.

McAuliffe"s campaign says their Monday night calling shows a close race.

Tom Schaller sees Virginia as test case for the "Martin Effect."

The Post finds support for Deeds among a dozen voters exiting a Northern Virginia polling place.

Steve Singiser considers the case for the three candidates in a low turnout (and shares anecdotal reports on this morning's voting).

Josh Putnam examines historical patterns in New Jersey governor's race polling.

Ken Strasma talks to FiveThirtyEight about his microtargeting work for the Obama campaign.

Glen Bolger urges Republicans to be patient about perceptions of Obama.

The Pew Internet Project interviews local elected officials about their Internet usage.

Bill McInturff and Al Quinlan share results from their survey on health care provention (sponsored by the health advocacy group, Trust for America's Health).

Bernard Avishai reports details of more Israeli polling (via Marshall)

Anthony Wells assesses UK pollster performance and accuracy in the recent Euro elections.

And the placement of this display ad indicates quite a Google-Bomb (yes, seen only from browsers in the U.S, but still...).