Obituaries - Mankind - The "non-survival" of the fittest

"Next time let's leave out brains."

- cartoon from 1960's showing two amoebae speaking to each other after a nuclear holocaust that destroyed all other living creatures

I can imagine a current cartoon showing these same two creatures saying the same thing if and after the financial markets of the world completely implode.

If evolution is the process of a species evolving to more effectively interact with the environment for the enhancement of all living creatures and natural resources, then is it possible that the industrial revolution marked the downfall of evolution in favor of a short sighted and biologically short-lived, survival -and thriving -of the fittest?

Is it possible that the industrial revolution shifted human beings from being interdependently in balance with and generative and restorative towards nature to becoming in the end conspicuously consumptive and believing they could do so with impunity?

If these are so, then rather than taking a 30,000 foot view of the financial system, the time has come to take a 30,000 mile view of Earth as a "living system." If we viewed it from that distance, what might we see?

In 1978, biologist, systems scientist pioneer, originator of the term "behavioral science" James Grier Miller published his 1102 page magnum opus, Living Systems. In it, he made a compelling and convincing case for the commonality shared by all living systems ranging from the simple cell through phylogeny to human beings to societies and ultimately to supranational (a.k.a. global) systems.

The conclusion to be gained from this... in order for any and all living systems to thrive, much less survive, the processes between societies, nations, individuals need to work interdependently for the benefit of the whole as much as the elements within a single cell need to do for it to survive.

To that end, the time has come for all nations and societies of the world to take that look from 30,000 miles and develop a shared vision of a future in which all living creatures and natural resources interact in a way that guarantees the future of all.

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