09/13/2010 02:45 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Reverend Terry Jones: A Case of 'Somebody' Envy

We learn from another HuffPost blog:

In the 1980s, Jones formed the Christian Community of Cologne, a charismatic Christian church in a heavily Catholic part of Germany that, at one point, claimed 800 members, reported DPA, the German Press Agency.

However, Jones was ousted from the church in 2008 over financial irregularities and personality clashes, according to the report. The church now has between 60 and 80 members.

Reverend Terry Jones, the Florida pastor intent on burning the Koran on the 9/11 anniversary, is suffering from "somebody envy."

This affects people who have felt inconsequential and disempowered in their lives and then discover or happen upon the "intoxication of power." I have spoken to "one trick pony's" from the business world, athletes whose careers plummeted as rapidly as they rose, and lawyers and jurors from famous murder cases. One thing a number of them have admitted is that: "When you go from somebody, back to being anybody, you feel like nobody."

Feeling like "nobody" when you've felt like "somebody" can push you to desperate actions. One of the reason so many "over the hill" athletes seek out "trophy" spouses is to try to recapture that feeling. And if and when that beautiful wife seeks to assert their independence after being treated poorly or after being betrayed, it can drive her spouse to do very foolish things (sound like any golfer you know?) or in the worst case, come after you (sound like any former NFL player now serving time for an unrelated crime?).

That may explain why Reverend Terry Jones may fulfill his mission and will not be talked out of it. Even if he is told the negative and far-reaching consequences of his hurtful actions, my fear is that he's locked into a "Jonestown in freedom of speech's clothing" mindset.