Southland Rain Hitting Homeless Population Hard (VIDEO)

12/21/2010 04:53 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The picture below spoke volumes to me tonight. My homeless friend Mike had everything he owned laid out to dry. He had been outside in the record rainfall for not one day, but three. Thing is, Mike and around a thousand other homeless people in Los Angeles could have been inside and out of the rain if the "system" worked. KCBS used the title "Southland Rain Hitting Homeless Population Hard," but the truth is it is Los Angeles' bureaucracy that continues to slam homeless people hard.

Everything soaking wet

I am very grateful to KCBS/KCAL and reporter Edward Lawrence; they produced two great segments that helped tell the story and I believe played an intricate part in getting the shelters to stay open. You can view yesterday's story here and see today's story below.

The good news is that tomorrow the shelters will be open all day and for the rest of the storm. The bad news is that there has yet to be a system implemented for the next time bad weather hits the Southland.