07/27/2012 12:21 pm ET | Updated Sep 26, 2012

Things to Do in Chicago, Weekend of July 27-29

Here are two great things to do in Chicago this weekend.

Wicker Park Fest

First up, we're going to kick it off with the Wicker Park Fest. Now, the Chicago Tribune says this is the best summer fest we have so make sure you go check it out. It features local artists, local bands, local restaurants -- food, fun, everything you think a fest should have, this one has it. Just ask the Chicago Trib -- they say this is the best. also they have two new art galleries, Red Moon and Defibrillator. So if you love art, you'll have to check those out.

Taste of Lincoln Avenue

All right guys, next up we have the 29th annual Taste of Lincoln Avenue, now there's a $10 donation. But you get 40 bands on five stages, so that comes out to like $1.47 per band, I think. ... not sure, I'm not good at math. They also have local vendors selling food and merchandise. There's also plenty of stuff to do for the kids: they have bouncy houses, a petting zoo and pony rides, so there's something for everybody. And also right next door, there's the second annual Lill Street Craft Fair, so you can do two fests in the same day, because it's right next door.

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