02/10/2012 05:54 pm ET Updated Apr 11, 2012

Human Rights Invisible to the Right

Much has been made of whether "the right to privacy" is in the Constitution. It's not, explicitly. Who cares? When is America going to stop fetishizing a document written by rich white men 230 years ago who owned slaves and didn't think woman were worthy of the vote?

Of course the Founders couldn't conceive of two men getting married. Here's a few other things they didn't have an opinion on: air traffic control, immigration reform, equal pay for equal work, and Social Security. They would have thought a "safety net" was a term used by fishermen. The idea of a black president, voted in by both sexes of myriad colors would have provoked peals of laughter in the Continental Congress.

Some rights they forgot to put in the Constitution: The right to be non-violent. The right to love another consenting adult and do what you want together behind closed doors. The right not to be a parent.

In the ideal NewtSantoRomneyverse, you might be legally deprived of the resources to purchase contraception. If you're in a working poor family that can barely buy shoes for the children you do have, it could mean that you do not have even a fundamental right to intercourse, for fear of creating a child you don't have the resources to raise.

Another one the Founders forget to spell out: the right to marital copulation.

So if you can't afford the pill, and the condom breaks, you and your wife may be forced to make the choice of an extra child who will be the tipping point into poverty, or scraping together enough money for an abortion. Let's not even talk about an unmarried woman, or a woman who's been raped, or a victim of incest. Let's not even talk about the social costs of children raised in homes that cannot provide for them materially or spiritually, the inexpressible sadness of being born unwanted. Spend some time in prison Rick. It will be everywhere you look.

Less access to contraception equals more unplanned pregnancies. More unplanned pregnancies lead to more abortion. These "pro-lifers" are anything but.

And if you are against contraception, you don't believe that human beings have a fundamental right not to bear offspring.

President Obama is once against violating the cardinal rule of never playing defense. He needs to attack. Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, and Newt Gingrich are not pro-religion, they are deeply immoral. They believe in policies that would increase abortion and poverty. They are the anti-lifers, and it needs to be said, loudly, clearly and unapologetically.

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