The Bangles Warm Up Washington

10/09/2011 11:40 pm ET | Updated Dec 09, 2011

The Bangles played Thursday night to a close to sold-out show at the famous/infamous 9:30 club in Washington, D.C. Only three of the original members remain, which are guitarist/vocalist Susanna Hoffs, drummer/vocalist Debbi Peterson and lead guitar/vocalist Vicki Peterson.

The ladies were in fine form and in great moods. They were joking around with each other and the audience. They mixed in their hits with songs from their new album Sweetheart of the Sun, which are pretty good, to playing covers of 1960s classics. Their tour is in support of their new album which was released September 27, 2011. They are being supported by all-female band Antigone Rising; I recall seeing their album being sold at Starbucks.

Hoffs seemed very moved by the crowd singing along to their hits, especially "Eternal Flame." She talked about how sad she was with Apple's Steve Jobs passing, especially seeing all the iPhones lighting up during "Eternal Flame." Hoffs thanked the crowd for sticking by the band for 30 years(!).

The hits they played include: "Manic Monday" (which was written by Prince), "Hazy Shade of Winter" (written by Simon and Garfunkel), "In My Room," and "Walk Like an Egyptian."

The crowd was mellow, but positive and upbeat. It was nice not being knocked over by people while watching the show. The crowd contained a mixture of people and a lot younger than I expected. People were dancing and singing along to the songs. Upstairs on the left side people were sitting on the risers to watch the show while people on the right side were standing watching the show. I've never seen people sit at a 9:30 club show before, but that was cool.

Vicki Peterson was quite funny and animated. When they were about to play a song from their current album, she remarked, "This is from this century!" Vicki also enjoyed teasing her little sister Debbi which was really cute. The Bangles also joked how their first album they financed on their own label and now their latest album they also financed on their label.

All three ladies took turns singing different songs. The marketing of The Bangles made it seem that Hoffs was the lead singer, but from the show it was evident that wasn't the case. It's pretty cool seeing three women rocking it like they do on the stage... sadly I don't see that too often.

Here is the song set:
1. Anna Lee (Sweetheart of the Sun)
2. Hazy Shade of Winter
3. Some Dreams Come True
4. Manic Monday
5. I'll Never Be Through With You
6. Ball 'n' Chain
7. The Rain Song
8. If She Knew What She Wants
9. Restless
10. Live
11. September Gurls
12. He's Got a Secret
13. Under a Cloud
14. Going Down to Liverpool
15. Eternal Flame
16. Get the Girl
17. Open My Eyes (The Nazz Cover)
18. Ride the Ride
19. In Your Room
20. Hero Takes a Fall

21. Sweet and Tender Romance
22. Walk Like an Egyptian