07/18/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

HuffPost Review: The Proposal

It's been so long since Sandra Bullock has starred in a memorable movie that, while watching The Proposal, it's a little surprising to remember just where she started -- which was in light romantic comedies (and as a spunky Speed sidekick). As the saying went at the time, Julia Roberts' mid-90s hiatus was the true beginning of Bullock's career.

Teaming her with Ryan Reynolds seems like a winning proposition. He's a verbal ju-jitsu master for the kind of snide, withering remarks that Bullock specializes in in The Proposal. Reynolds has been the best thing about a number of lesser movies; he's an undersung comic actor with great chops who just needs a Judd Apatow to build a movie around him. (Greg Mottola gave him one of his best recent roles in this year's Adventureland.)

Still, I went into The Proposal prepared for the worst -- and came out pleasantly surprised. It sounds like a faint recommendation, but trust me when I say that calling it "not terrible" is high praise indeed.

That doesn't mean it's a movie you should run out and see because you'll be rapturously entertained. It means that, when your girlfriend or wife drags you off to see it, it won't be nearly the torture you expect.

Not that director Anne Fletcher is any great shakes, though this movie is a considerable improvement over Fletcher's last, 27 Dresses. At heart, this is the kind of formula comedy that could just as easily star Heather Graham and John Stamos on the Lifetime Movie Channel.

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