Dear Joe, You Can Afford $1500

11/16/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

It's the Tax Lawyer again. Does nobody in the media do Math?

Under the Obama Plan, Joe the Plumber will pay an additional 3% tax or $1500 in tax for $50,000 in net earnings or an additional $3000 in tax for $100,000 in earnings.

Joe, if you are making $250,000, you can afford $1500. That amount of tax doesn't cost a job, reduce capital investment (except maybe for the third wide screen TV), or cause a plumber to not expand with another truck. Maybe you take the family out to eat three times a month instead of four. That's not much of a sacrifice so that Marge, your waitress, can do a little better raising her kid.

This is a big fat NON ISSUE.

Apparently Obama, like so many other lawyers, and we're a higher verbal bunch, doesn't do math in his head. It's great to think in percentages, but Joe the Plumber is more likely to understand dollars and cents. I'm pretty sure that Joe would think $1500 was no big deal. He looks like a generous guy to me.