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W's Balls That Clank

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Someone must be telling W to "show 'em you've got balls that clank."

Maybe it's Rove; maybe it's Cheney; hell, maybe it's Laura. This Dubai advice has nothing to do with the merits, and everything to do with power.

I can imagine Nixon going mano-a-mano with Congress; LBJ, too. But neither of them would have done it without first counting heads and being sure he had key congressional peckers in his pocket.

It's a nice show of strength, drawing a veto line in the sand, but if you're only going to provoke an override from your own Repblican sock-puppets, doesn't that kinda knock the stuffing out of your codpiece strategy?

This one's even more baffling than Harriet Meier. Does anyone have a theory that explains how this move makes any sense to W himself? It can't just be substance abuse or the Rapture, can it?