Fail BBQ: Flipping Burgers & Weenies for a Failed Cause

05/19/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

On the campus of The George Washington University, Washington DC:

...Fail? A quick hop onto Urban Dictionary shows the use of Fail... as in today's slang term for "suck" that can be inserted in places where suck isn't appropriate, like "You Fail".

With a posted invitation to stop by GWU's Kogan Plaza for the College Republican's "Obama Fail: First 100 Days Barbeque," who could resist checking out those whacky CRs as they try to elicit support for their minority viewpoint that somehow the past 12 weeks into the Obama Presidency should shoulder the responsibility for 8 years of doomed Bush policies?

"We will be grilling burgers for free for anyone who signs a banner declaring that the first 100 days of Obama's administration have been largely a failure. We will also have fliers detailing the first 100 days...don't miss out!"

The open air Kogan Plaza is the epicenter of the GWU Campus, with thousands walking on the in-scripted brick walkways during the lunch time. George Washington University CRs consider themselves to be the leading College Republicans organization in the country and represent the future of the Republican Party in Washington. They collected more than 600 signatures, so as expected, it was on par with their Fall '08 event as far as takers for a free burger or dog.

Meanwhile, the scene twenty feet across from the cookout included members of the recruiting for summer campaign positions in the DC area happily calling out to passersby: "How are you doing? Looking for campaign work this summer? Looking for a summer job?"

Several people stopped, chatted and signed up, placing a positive spin while the paradox of offering jobs verses the College Republican's flipping weenies.

(In full disclosure, my daughter is currently Vice-President of George Washington University College Democrats and they share an office with the CRs )