08/22/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

President Obama: Mom Jeans Never Looked So Good!


So what's all this fuss about the President's jeans? I had to laugh when I heard Meredith Viera quizzing him about his "mom jeans" on the Today show. Yes, fashion critics were actually calling his loose fitting jeans, worn on the pitcher's mound at the recent All Stars baseball game, unfashionable and frumpy. Pleeazee...he's the leader of the free world not a Vogue model. What's really interesting about the whole thing is how at ease with himself he was over the fashion police thing. Joan Rivers take note: don't try to do your red carpet critique on the President.

I should've known that anyone cool enough to be a lawyer, turned community organizer is...yes....a Recessionista!

To his credit, President Obama is not concerned with rock star accessories like skin tight jeans. He's not posing for a photo like the Rolling Stones' Sticky Fingers album cover wearing his 501s any time soon. I've long said that Mrs. O is a Recessionista with her J. Crew apparel at Buckingham Palace, and now I see Barack is exercising his fashion rights to live chic and cheap. Maybe he's not only concerned with economics, but also chiconomics.

So he hates to shop? This is not a tragedy. If this is what "mom jeans" look like, then bring it on. I prefer the mom jeans to the faded Crawford , Texas ranch jeans look.

Dear Mr. President,
If you ever decide you want to spend some time doing a little shopping, I do know a little blog where you can find some great deals :) Have your people call my people!