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Letters to Obama: Stem Cell Research

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Letters to President Obama like this one show the balance Americans can find in everything -- even science and God.


By carrigan

I have been amazed by you recently. 

I don't find myself to be a political person.  I've only voted a handful of times in the 13 years of being of voting age.  However, I am drawn to your speeches as well as your ideas.  I just recently watched a C-SPAN session on health care reform, and I applaud you and the hundreds of others who are currently working on this crisis.

I don't believe people must agree on every situation to make things work or to make them right.  I do believe in a group of people that take on a challenge, such as the ones that you and our government are tackling, to make a difference.

Life will always be about trial and error, I am not expecting perfection, but I am expecting dedication and follow through.  Don't let us down.

The other day the news mentioned you've removed the ban on stem cell research.  My only response was, "Wow."  My mother passed away due to complications of diabetes and organ failure two years ago.  I began hoping, close to 10 years ago, that through science we could begin to duplicate, without the broken pieces, organs, body parts, for those in need and discover cures for all diseases.  And now, it seems with the duplication of a simple universal cell, this may be possible.  My heart aches at the thought of destroying life, and I don't want to be in the shoes that determine what is morally wrong or right, but to be given the information that through the first stage of life, more life could be had, again, I'm left in awe.

And just now, to hear you speak of education.  My heart is in education.  I work in early intervention, early childhood education.  I work with typical developing toddlers as well as those with special needs. To hear you speak of the importance of early childhood education left me filled with such excitement. 

Extended school days?  *laughs*  I agree. We are not all farmers and its time we rebuild our education system based on the future economy and expectations of tomorrow.  Thank you for thinking of teachers and for making it possible for others like myself and my family to continue our education.  I don't ask anyone in my family to strike it rich, but I do ask that we remain educated.

Overall, I am optimistic in our future.  I pray for you and our government leaders, and therefore now you have the voice of God to listen to.  Don't turn your back on Him for He is the One who makes you mighty.  Listen to your heart, for that's where He speaks, say your prayers at night, and we'll all be just fine.  :)

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