01/23/2009 10:43 am ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

We Close The Doors

We had so much to celebrate this week with Barack Obama's Inauguration. Now that the festivities are over, I'm excited to see the President already working hard to keep his campaign promises. Many have entrusted him with so much more than their hope. 


By westtexas8

Today is a bit sad for my husband and myself. We symbolically close the doors on our business, in a very real sense. I am completing the last of the 1099s for our wonderful people! These folks were subcontractors who embraced the concept of "do it yourself." We offered training, answered questions, solicited the work and scheduled it. But these folks managed their time, their taxes and their revenue. It was a wonderful experience for both of us. We really appreciated these hardy souls who didn't need the constant supervision of a boss, so we were able to work ourselves. I have to make a public CHEERS to all of them.  It was fun, you all.  THANK YOU.

Our business was driven by the growth of our core customers, whose businesses were completely driven by the consumer market. We felt the impact in July of an economy that was not just slowing but stopping. We told everyone to begin finding something fast. We were lucky in that our people had time to either find other work or make other plans. 

I have 30 years experience in telecommunications, so I expected our work to slow. Nothing could have prepared me for the economic events that unfolded. As the ranks of the unemployed grew, our business shrank. As good jobs disappeared, so did our work orders. Now it is simply gone. We had hoped to hold on until President Obama could implement his new jobs plan. This is not going to be possible. It is funny, we never lost a cent. Made money every year were were open, grew slowly, employed a few people. In six months, every hour we spent, the funds we invested, the ideas we implemented are gone.

I am sad, of course. I am worried. I am also sure we will survive. We are so very conservative fiscally that we are not deeply in debt. Our business was so very small we do not have large business debts, either. We are lucky. I am working hard to not be angry with the individuals whose bad decisions brought our nation to this point in time.

Not just the financial "wizards" who erred so very badly or were just so damn greedy. Not just the politicians who ignored the lessons of history and led us so far astray. Not just the religious leaders who broke the law, claimed a tax exemption and then pontificated from the pulpit to keep an elitist party in power, so intent on forcing their ideas on all that they forgot the second greatest gift ever granted by the supreme being (free will), fooled by the seductive words from power that their ideas could be embraced by all. Not just the "elite," smug people who actually believed that being successful meant no rules, who actually believed they reached success without help. I know this is mean, but the women especially annoyed me. How exactly did they think the opportunity was given to them to succeed? Might there be a reason they were not wearing mommy's pearls while rinsing the supper dishes?  (I think I slipped a little here, LOL.) 

It was all of them. It was a very long 8 years.  For us personally, this is a very sad end to those years.  

I have found kind people here, so I have a request. When you see me slipping into bitterness or anger, remind me how blessed I am. 

In my little corner of Texas, for reasons I am not completely sure of, I am never allowed to have a moment. It upsets so many of my friends. My husband will count on me to smile, be positive and have faith. My daughter sees me as the one person who never falters in the belief that tomorrow is the adventure of a lifetime for those who will grasp adversity. My sons believe that my spirit will not allow for failure. Really? Well, we have failed now, no?  If you do not mind, a kind word or a swift kick in the pants, whichever seems necessary. 

I have hope. We have leadership inside the beltway for the first time in a very long time. Let me share how out of touch the GOP and the old leadership is/was. John Cornyn actually told a group of Republican women at a luncheon that the economic turmoil was not really all that bad. Really, Senator?

January 20 was a day of great joy for me. I am not a woman who weeps. Life is for the hardy. Obama brought tears. Obama brought hope. Now I have a virtual front porch to sit on and perhaps weep a little. BUT, I have a platform of hope to leap from also.

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